Sunday Brunch & Paint

Sunday Funday at The Sassy Collection Creative Center - Brunch and Paint for the Whole Family! 🎨🍳

Join us for a Sunday Brunch and Paint that promises to be a delightful feast for the senses and a canvas of family togetherness.

Let's paint, brunch, and make Sunday unforgettable together!

Get ready for a Sunday filled with creativity, delicious bites, and family fun at The Sassy Collection Creative Center's Sunday Brunch and Paint event!
Sunday Brunch & Paint  Date Time 
Brunch & Paint W/ Smooth Jazz 1/7            1:00-3:00                     
Mommy and Son Brunch & Paint 2/4  1:00-3:00   
Daddy Daughter Brunch & Paint  3/3  1:00-3:00   
Family Brunch & Paint 4/7  1:00-3:00   
Sunday Brunch & Paint-Celebrate Mom 5/5  1:00-3:00   
Sunday Brunch & Paint-Celebrate Dad 6/2  1:00-3:00    
Karaoke Brunch & Paint 7/7  1:00-3:0
Mommy and Daughter Brunch & Paint 8/4  1:00-3:0
Father and Son Brunch & Paint 9/1  1:00-3:0
Karaoke Brunch & Paint 10/6  1:00-3:0
Family Brunch & Paint 11/3  1:00-3:0
Brunch & Paint -Pass The Mic -Poetry/Spoken Word 12/1  1:00-3:0


What's in Store: 🎨 Family Paint Session: Join us for a guided painting session suitable for all ages. Unleash your creativity and create masterpieces together! 🍳 Delicious Brunch: Indulge in some Sunday afternoon brunch spread featuring family favorites. From waffles to fresh fruit, coffee, tea, hot chocolate there's something for everyone. 🤗 Family Bonding: Enjoy quality time with your loved ones in a vibrant and artistic environment.

Ticket Information:

  • Cost: $15 per person (includes painting supplies and brunch)

What's Included:

  • All painting supplies for each family member
  • Brunch 

Why Attend:

  • Create lasting family memories
  • Explore your artistic side
  • Support local creativity and community spirit

Reservations are required for this event.

 You must cancel your reservation at least 24 hours prior to your class. Same day cancellations NO Refunds! 
If less than 24 hrs notice you will be provided a gift certificate that must be used within 6 months.