Dr. Gabrielle Williams

Dr. Gabrielle Williams is a distinguished Family Medicine Doctor who holds board certification in her field. As the founder of Gateway Direct Health, her mission is to provide accessible, affordable, and convenient primary care. Dr. Williams is known for her unwavering commitment to relationship-based care, offering customized treatment plans that align with her patients' unique wellness goals.

Philosophy of Care:

Dedicated to delivering excellence in healthcare, Dr. Williams' practice is underpinned by compassion, education, and patient advocacy. She firmly believes that the foundation of exceptional healthcare lies in building strong and lasting relationships with her patients. By fostering these connections, she can better guide her patients on their journey to achieve their wellness goals.

A Glimpse into Dr. Williams' Life:

Dr. Gabrielle Williams is not only a passionate medical professional but also a Haitian-American, a loving wife of 10 years, and a nurturing mother of two toddlers. Her commitment to her family mirrors her approach to patient care - rooted in love, understanding, and support.

Educational Background:

Dr. Williams completed her medical training at Emory University, where she honed her clinical skills. Her experience at Grady Memorial Hospital further enriched her expertise, equipping her with the knowledge and skills needed to provide top-quality healthcare.

Beyond Medicine:

Outside the realm of medicine, Dr. Williams is an enthusiast of culinary exploration. She has a keen interest in exploring new restaurants and indulging in delicious cuisine, reflecting her love for food and her vibrant approach to life.

Connect with Dr. Williams:

To experience Dr. Gabrielle Williams' unique approach to primary care and build a lasting relationship that prioritizes your well-being, please contact: