ShaQuayla Alls-Terrell, MSN Ed., RN, LNC

ShaQuayla Alls-Terrell, MSN Ed., RN, LNC is the Founder and CEO of Renewing Well, She is passionate about transforming women's lives through holistic wellness and functional medicine. Renewing Well is a dedicated wellness center that empowers women to uncover the underlying causes of their symptoms, particularly those related to menopause, including stubborn belly fat, mood swings, and hot flashes. Her approach is deeply personalized, helping women decipher their unique code to achieve lasting well-being.

With over 14 years of nursing practice under her belt, ShaQuayla has had the privilege of educating and training fellow nurses and nursing students, as well as contributing to course development. Her company serves as a beacon for health education, prevention, and promotion, particularly for women between the ages of 35 and 55 who grapple with hormone imbalances. Education remains at the core of our mission, and she takes pride in crafting health and wellness courses and programs that can be tailored to suit diverse audiences.

ShaQuayla's educational journey includes a Masters Degree in Nursing Education from Walden University as well as specialized training in functional medicine for nurses. As a registered nurse and coach, she is committed to implementing a functional medicine approach that empowers women to naturally address the root causes of their symptoms.

Beyond her professional endeavors, ShaQuayla is an active member of the Henry County Chamber of Commerce and proudly serves on their Women's Leadership Council. This community involvement reflects her dedication to empowering women not only through healthcare but also through leadership and advocacy.

ShaQuayla Alls-Terrell, MSN Ed., RN, LNC
Founder & CEO
Renewing Well
205 Corporate Center Dr., Suite F
Stockbridge, GA 30281
O: 678-759-0505
M: 470-597-9097