Info On Classes & Benefits

The Sassy Collection Creative Center
The Sassy Collection Creative Center will create bonding time with family & friends through interactive classes such as arts & crafts, fitness, dance, Meditation, and more. The Arts & Craft classes along with Meditation will allow 20 persons to a class. Fitness Class for adults up to 60 persons per class and Dance for ages 6-12, and ages 13-17, 30 persons per class session. Students must register in advance for class.  Hands-on classes will include supplies. If students would like to purchase supplies, then the center will be able to provide it. Once we have more instructors, we can create summer and afterschool programs for children ages 6-17
The Sassy Collection Creative Center will host Jewelry Making Classes for all age groups, children ages 6-12, Teens 13-17, Adults, and Seniors. Jewelry Making has so many benefits for all age groups. It is therapeutic, fun and rewarding because you will unleash your true creativity and enjoy a new creation that you can be proud of, and did I mention save money on accessories. Working with beads can develop many useful skills for preschoolers. Using beads to make jewelry improves problem-solving skills in children. They must figure out what type of jewelry they want to create and what pattern to use. They must also determine how many beads to put in a pattern and how long the bracelet or necklace should be, which improves math skills. 
Seniors need to keep their brain active and Jewelry making will be a great way to do just that. Not being able to challenge your brain can lead to cognitive disorders down the road.  Creating jewelry helps keep the mind active because it’s like doing a puzzle, you are putting different colors and shapes together to create a masterpiece and that makes it extremely beneficial for seniors. Our seniors can come and enjoy being social and not have to stay home while the family goes to work with no one to talk to. The Sassy Collection Creative Center will be a fun place for all to be creative and socialize. 
The Sassy Collection Creative Center will host Crochet Classes for Teens 13-17 and Adults, (may teach ages 6-12 and seniors when more instructors become available) Learning how to crochet can be therapeutic, fun and rewarding because you will unleash your true creativity and enjoy a new creation that you can be proud of. There are so many benefits of learning how to crochet. Crocheting can be a repetitive movement but also calming. Crocheting with beautiful colors and textures brings tranquility to the soul. The Sassy Collection Creative Center will teach a two-part lesson 101 and 102(advance classes will be available when the center has more instructors). Once students master what was taught, then they can carry their new hobby anywhere. They can crochet while traveling, watching television, just about anywhere. The benefits of having your project with you while traveling can keep the stress levels down and create relaxation. Crocheting will provide a sense of accomplishment when a project is completed.
 It will give a sense of balance. It will help prevent and manage stress, pain, and depression, which in turn strengthens the body’s immune system.  According to pain specialist Monica Baird, the action of repetitive motion in crochet, It changes brain chemistry, decreases stress hormones and increases feel-good hormones, serotonin, and dopamine.
The Sassy Collection Creative Center will host 1 hour Painting class for all age groups, children ages 6-12, Teens 13-17, Adults, and Seniors. The students will learn how to paint using acrylics on a canvas. Painting has so many benefits for all age groups. It is therapeutic, fun and rewarding because you will unleash your true creativity and enjoy a new creation that you can be proud of. Painting helps keep the mind active, helps a person express their feelings by painting their story and keeps the brain functioning. The classes will be fun and sociable for all in a relaxed setting.
The Sassy Collection Creative Center will host 1 hour Dance classes for children ages 6-12 and Teens 13-17. We will host dance classes where students can just enjoy music and movement. They will learn to dance as a group and move to different types of music.  Each week for 6 weeks, the students will focus on a different genre of dance and will do a recital where they show off the new styles that they have learned at the end of the six weeks. During the six-week session, the students will learn new choreography, they will learn teamwork, and self-expression, make new friends, and work on their physical fitness.
The Sassy Collection Creative Center will host S.W.E.A.T Fitness Class. Energizer Bunny will be the instructor and she will make sure students always enjoy their work out and SWEAT in the process. The Class will be 1 hour and it's for beginners as well as Pros. Students can move at their own pace but just make sure they are moving.
S.W.E.A.T is more than a dance class, it's a fun way of getting in shape. We will have students dancing to music from hip-hop, old-school hits, to gospel goodies.
S.W.E.A.T is not the typical dimensional class. We have toner routines that focus on Abs, Glutes, Arms, Legs, and more. We use all styles of dance from Latin to Country.
According to
 Benefits of Dance Fitness
1) Dance to Build Strength It might not be weightlifting, dancing isn’t going to make you visibly jacked, but toning and working your entire body day after day builds a lot of strength
2) The Power to Endure 
You need grit to get through a dance class. If you stick to a regular dance schedule, putting in the hours week after week, your endurance will get a huge boost. Your day-to-day energy levels will benefit too, affecting your work performance and enabling you to outlast any of your friends on the dancefloor on a night out too.
 3) Surprising Dexterity
 If you know a lot of dancers, do you notice they’re just a bit more graceful than other people? When you’re moving every part of your body in a controlled motion each day you become nimble and agile. It’s subtle, but you’ll be better with your hands, more at ease when walking, delicate or forceful in your movements depending on the situation. Others pick up on that too.
4) Stay Coordinated 
Dance fitness means your whole body works in tandem like a finely tuned machine. If you’ve ever seen a dancer who’s also waiting tables, they can carry three plates and a card machine in one arm and a tray of drinks on the other while weaving their way through a restaurant as busy as a dancefloor. Moving at speed without taking a tumble isn’t as easy as it looks.
5) Dance Fitness Boosts Flexibility.
Building up your dance fitness will ensure your body has a healthy range of motion. Keeping all of your joints and muscles springy will have you feeling healthy and youthful even as you age, along with a whole range of health benefits. Take note of the non-dancers in your life who are constantly cracking their backs, necks, and joints.
6) Dancing to Lower Stress
Dancing is great for you at any age. Getting up and simply moving for 30 minutes a day is recommended for everyone, while doing a proper workout that pushes you is even more important for younger people. Not only does your body remain fit, but your brain also releases anti-stress hormones, like serotonin and endorphins, which help regulate your mood. The less stress you have now, the less likely you are to be susceptible to it in future. Your body processes its tension through exercise too, so when you push your dance fitness to a new level, you’re also getting rid of old stress lurking in your body.
The Sassy Collection Creative Center will host a 30 Min Meditation Class. Your host Maria, healer and energy alchemist will walk students through healing meditation. It will allow students to let go of the day's stressors.
As Their senses are stimulated and their mind and body relax, essential oils help to set the mood and healing happens one mind at a time. According to Mayo Clinic
The emotional and physical benefits of meditation can include:
  • Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations

  • Building skills to manage your stress.

  • Increasing self-awareness

  • Focusing on the present

  • Reducing negative emotions

Our community will be able to create memories and lots of laughter. We will invite local professionals to host seminars at least once a month that will educate and empower the community. We will host family and friends events such as Daddy Daughter Brunch & Paint, Sip & Paint for Couples, Sip & Paint for friends or special events, Cultural Events, Game night, Movie night, Spoken word, Daddy Daughter Dance, Mommy and Me, Happy Harvest, Thanksgiving feast, and Christmas give away. The following events will create fun memories and bonding time for our community.