Brenda Bonilla Smith L.Ac.

Brenda Bonilla Smith is a native New Yorker whose love for natural
medicine comes from her roots in her Dominican heritage. Although she
began her journey as an esthetician and massage therapist, working with
highly stressed women in her day spa led her to delve deeper into natural
medicine. She was introduced to acupuncture and that was the seamless
next step she was looking for. She attended Yo San University in Santa
Monica, CA where she received her Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and
Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2000, and served the San Gabriel Valley
through her practice in Pasadena, CA since 2001. Today she is bringing
her experience and commitment to education to the Atlanta area. She
believes, based on her 20+ years of clinical experience, that the body is the
best healer given the tools with which to do it and that natural medicine is
the key to stopping, correcting and reversing our current epidemic of
preventable chronic diseases.
Brenda has spent most of her post-graduate education studying the effects
of physical and emotional stress on overall health. She uses acupuncture,
nutrition, supplements and lifestyle counseling to assist her patients along
their healing journey. Although she practices an ancient medical system
she is also on the cutting edge by using NASA researched technology in
her practice to enhance and accelerate clinical results.
She specializes in Women’s Health, Stress Management, Vitality
Restoration, and Rejuvenation Esthetics.